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Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Red Kitten Productions has been excited to work with Fan Expo in presenting quality, on-brand panels that meet real life issues since 2022. More than panelists, we are geeks first and foremost. We are a fledgling group of geeklets who have consistently presented awesome, well-received panels at Calgary and Edmonton Expo. Havoc also contributes to We love presenting panels and would be excited to share our stuff with your convention!

Our upcoming panel topics include:


What's what with wigs

Life After Con: let’s talk aftercare!

Packing up: keeping cosplays con ready!

Unconventional materials: how to repair your latex catsuit!

Conventions, Disabilities, and You

Disability and Cosplay

Competition vs Floor Cosplay

Rocking the con: make the most out of floor cosplays!

Cosplay on a dime

Gender and Cosplay


Session zero, be a hero!

Worldbuilding for TTRPGs

Collaborative Storytelling 101

GM Bootcamp

If you'd love to see these or other panels at a convention near you, reach out! We'd be happy to share what we know!

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